Black Catholic Theological Symposium

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October 5 - 8, 2023 BCTS 33rd Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia

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Black Catholic Theological Symposium

a national interdisciplinary theological society of the Roman Catholic tradition

was established to:

01 | Publish

Publish reports, the Symposium’s discussions, and research of Symposium membership;


02 | To encourage

To encourage the teaching and discussion of Black Catholic religious and cultural experiences and thought within the theology and/or religious studies curriculum of colleges, universities, and seminaries;


03 | To encourage

To encourage the identification and development of Black Catholic Scholars in the fields of Theology, Liturgy, Ethics, Canon Law, Church History, Biblical studies etc;


04 | To enable

To enable the identification and development of theoretically grounded practitioners in the fields of pastoral ministry and religious education; and


05 | To encourage

To encourage theologically and theoretically grounded ministry and program development responsive to the needs of Black Catholics within the Church and society.

Dr. Kimberly Lymore



Father Maurice J Nutt

Dr. Maurice J. Nutt

Past Convener


Dr. Timone Davis

Associate Convener


Dr. Nathaniel Samuel



Dr. Kim Harris




The Black Catholic Theological Symposium was initiated in 1978 by Rev. Thaddeus Posey, O.F.M.


Our mission is to foster among Black Catholics an ethical community of scholarly dialogue...


New members shall be invited by the Executive committee to participate in one of three levels...