Member's Publication Articles

Black Catholic Women: Voice Embodied” NCR article by Kathleen Dorsey Bellow

“My unbridled tongue challenges inequities that threaten Black women's lives” NCR article by Valerie D. Lewis-Mosley

"Black lives matter in the worshipping church” NCR article by Kim R. Harris

Black history is Catholic history by Shannen Dee Williams for the Catholic News Service

“If racial justice and peace will ever be attained, it must begin in the church” by Shannen Dee Williams

Anti-Blackness and Christian Ethics 

Harriett Tubman, Pride, and Black Lives Matter – Homily by Bryan Massingale A reflection I wrote for today's feast of Corpus Christi in a month of Pride and Black Lives Matter:

An Anti-Racist Model to Follow from the Sisters of St. Joseph U.S. Federation:(Inclusive of many BCTS members’ publications)

Breonna Taylor lived and died in a part of the U.S. where rights do not matter by Joseph S. Flipper

This is a video interview with Bryan Massingale on what is happening with the Black Lives Matter protests. 

“The Only Thing That Matters” Bryan Massingale’s article in The Tablet

Facebook Live conversation with Bryan Massingale and Olga Segura on confronting racism:

The assumptions of white privilege and what we can do about it Amy Cooper knew exactly what she was doing. We all do. And that's the problem. By Bryan Massingale By Bryan Massingale

Killing of George Floyd exposes blind spot on racism, Catholic advocates say – Crux News

“Black in America: I'm Tired--When hope is choked, the despair of knowing that this place will never be home abounds.” NCR article by Joseph A. Brown, S.J.

“Preaching In A Time of Crisis” by Maurice J. Nutt for The Preacher magazine (London)

“I can't breathe because God can't breathe” NCR article by Anne Arabome

#BlackCatholicSyllabus by Tia Noelle Pratt

“Anti-Blackness and Christian Ethics” by Bryan Massingale, Kelly Brown Douglas and M. Shawn Copeland

“Breath & Fire: The Spirit Moves Us Toward Racial Justice” by M. Shawn Copeland

“Thea Bowman: National Witness to Possibility of Racial Harmony” by Maurice J. Nutt, C.Ss.R.