Membership Descriptions

New members shall be invited by the Executive committee to participate in one of three levels

Full Membership

Full Membership is open to Roman Catholics of Black African descent holding doctoral degrees or their equivalent within the field of theology or related disciplines (philosophy, religious education, psychology, literature, history, sociology etc.)


Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is by invitation only. Prospective members shall be nominated from among (a) those persons whose scholarly expertise or research is concerned with history, thought, and religious practices of Black Catholics or African American religion and culture; and (b) those persons whose employment or ecclesiastical appointments concern Black Catholics. Affiliate members who are not Black Catholics have voice in Symposium meetings but no vote, and are not eligible to serve in any of the offices


Associate Membership

Associate Membership is restricted to Black Catholic doctoral students and those who possess demonstrated scholarly expertise in areas of theology or related disciplines. A limited number of Affiliate memberships is extended to selected scholars and persons, both Black and non-Black whose research, writing and ecclesiastical appointments focuses on Black Catholics and who are nominated and approved by vote of the full members of the society.



The BCTS shall be composed of Black Catholics holding or working toward the completion of a doctoral degree or its equivalents at accredited institutions of higher learning and engaged in active teaching, ministry, and whose teaching, ministry, and/or research is consistent with the mission of the organization.


As a professional society, members must be actively engaged in the publication of their research, projects, or creative expressions according to their particular disciplines.


Each member of the BCTS shall pay an annual membership fee, the amount to be determined by the BCTS itself. Voting is restricted to those Full and Associate members whose dues are current at the time of the election.


 Membership in the BCTS includes:

1 | The Annual Journal

2 | Access to the Membership List serve

3 | Updates on job openings

4 | Network of persons focused on the concerns of Black Catholic academia and the wider Church.

Dues are paid annually to the Treasurer for October to October membership.

Full Membership – $50

Affiliate Membership – $50

Associate Membership – $35

Make Check Payable to:
Black Catholic Theological Symposium (Do NOT Abbreviate.)

Contact the Treasurer at

If you would like to pay electronically using Chase QuickPay contact the Treasurer